Saturday, 19 April 2014

Music Spotlight: Bakerside

The wave of 90's nostalgia that has been creeping up on us has finally reached our music. Bakerside represent a smoother, more polished variation on most bands that play homage to this era (many of whom seem content to ape The Pixies, with none of their artfulness) this band however draws sonic cues from the alternative rock/pop scene, names like The Spin Doctors & Rusted Root spring to mind. Bakerside rise above this as well however, through a wonderful combination of acoustic guitar and lead vocals that makes for perfect listening at the end of a stressful day.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Artist Spotlight: Dave Little

As a person that regularly uses the internet. I love Batman. Dave Little also loves Batman, so much so that old Bats is a central theme in Littles work. His art paints an interesting picture of the caped crusader, with a fun sense of humour, great eye for detail and a comprehensive knowledge of the Dark Knights histor

Music Spotlight: Machine People

The very premise of Machine People is a tantalising one, blending a classic alternative rock template with electronic and progressive elements. Such a melting pot of genres could come off as overextended or shallow in the hands of a lesser band, but Machine People pull off the mixture of styles with flair and aplomb. Their debut album Thought Police is a tour de force of intelligent lyrics, cerebral riffing and a refreshing approach to songwriting.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Daddy Cool

Found this today, this kids Dad works for Dreamworks and infuses his home movies with special effects....

....way cooler than Cloverfield

Gremlins Den

I've seen some weird porn, but this is a new level.
Stumbled across this on my usual web-spelunk. While the idea of Peter Jones actually working late (and letting his co-workers look him in eye, let alone talk to him) is hilarious, is does make me yearn for a Dragons Den/Gremlins crossover....

Zooberons last stand!

Mark Stack's Zooberon is one of the most important live music nights in Brighton. The other day they made this announcement:

There is a new manager at the Seven Stars,
She wants to change it away from being a drinking pub to a food focused bar. 
She feels that having Zooberon nights there is not the right vibe for what she wants the pub to become.
So calling in favours, if you’ve been involved with Zooberon, been part of it or just enjoyed it please come down on Friday, even if it’s just for one drink. It’s free entry as usual. I’m wanting Friday to be a celebration of all we have achieved. No negatives, just a big party celebration of what Zooberon is – let’s go out with a bang.
As to the future… I’m going to take a short time off, go on holiday and re-charge the batteries.
Not having the regular gigs means I will have time to develop the CD promoting the city’s bands properly and more emphatically. I’ve only so far told you about my plans to create the CD and give it away free to people at gigs and get it to DJs, promoters and venues across the UK and beyond. The actual project is much larger than that, trust me I’m working on it. There will be the ad-hoc fundraiser gigs across the city in support of it.

Obviously I will be looking to a new venue to host Zooberon, with all the promises and values I hold important.
This isn’t an ending but a new beginning, you all know me well enough for that.
Please come down and see us on Friday, big love to you all

Heres an example of why YOU should make Zooberon your destination this Friday night:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Artist Spotlight: Nancy Clare-Sawyer

Portraiture is a medium that offers many unique challenges, and while once it was subject to rigid rules it has now become a platform for a near infinite number of styles. Because of how well-subscribed a genre portraiture is, it's truly exciting to come across an artist that genuinely brings something fresh and bold to the canvas

Nancy Clare Sawyers work is strikingly emotive, with adventurous and passionate colour choices, clever uses of angular shapes and a wonderfully precise yet thoughtfully applied degree of technical skill her work is a great encapsulation of what it means to be a portrait artist in 2014.