Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Propagandhi: Potemkin City Limits album review

Propagandhi: Potemkin City Limits album review

So, I hadn't really listened to much by these guys from Canada before. My band's drummer kept banging on about them for some time, and they're not exactly without their punk rock credentials. So when we were coming back from playing a show in Lincolnshire a few weeks ago, we put it on to keep us awake. I ended up borrowing the album because it is just that good. It starts off with a few jazz chords, really bringing you in, and then BANG! not any louder, but with the ferocity of a wounded rhino with an adrenaline shot to the arse. The first three songs take up nearly a dozen minutes of your life but by hell, youíll never want them back. With lyrics about the state of the punk rock scene, social inequality and global poverty, Propagandhi arenít singing about anything new, but they do it with fresh eyes. FFO Unpretentious math-core, skate-punk, Fat Wreck Chords. 

 By Benny Hash

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

ITunes shuffle theatre: Episode 2

1. Los Del Mar - Macarena

2. Buddy Guy - What kind of woman is this?
3. Imelda May - It's good to be alive

4. The Supremes - Stop! In the name of love

Lauryn Hill - I used to love him

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

D-Rex, telegraphing the death of satire

I discovered these guys on my latest youtube trawl. Listening to a pair of ten year olds rhyme penis with venus and threaten to shoot me are par for the course in this line of work.

Still, at least it's better than 2 Chainz

I got nothing

Monday, 19 May 2014

Music Spotlight: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Written by Benny Hash

With riffs that make hearts beat faster and drums that could wake the dead, RotPM are Manchester's fastest thrash-punk band. A personal favourite of mine - so yes, I am bias - they have been touring playing all over Europe for a little over ten years now.
The three-piece's most recent release "Shattered Dreams Parkway" has had good reviews from zines and labels across the world. It was released on TNSrecords, co-run by bassist Andy and his friend Tim "Bev" Bevington, which has been putting out DIY punk releases for 6 years, totalling 32 so far.
Basically, if you want 15 tracks in 17 minutes, check them out. Their debut "Makes Pigs Smoke" is an amazing album - "worth breaking your best friend's legs for" according to one review...
FFO Bad Religion, Zeke, Rancid 2000 album.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Music Spotlight: Hvman

I make no secret of the fact that I have a massive soft spot for classic rock. It just does something primal to me.

Nowadays we have something of a drought of really good rock bands, while the old guard like Arctic Monkeys and the Foo Fighters are still about, there aren't a lot of really great newcomers on the scene.
Because of this, I always get really excited when I find a genuinely new and fresh take on the rock n' roll archetype. Hvman are a really good example of how to bring new life to a well worn genre, with a nu-glam sheen and sharp social commentary in it's lyrical sensibility, and a sound that walks the line between Fatboy Slim and The Strokes.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

5 reasons people need to give Batfleck a chance

1) He looks the part

A few people have pointed this out, but Ben Affleck bears an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Wayne from the DC Animated Universe. On top of these he clearly has the height for the role, and considering most of his face will be covered up anyway I doubt his face will be too distracting. As for the issue of physicality, people seem to forget that personal trainers exist and I'd much rather have stunt doubles handle the hand-to-hand combat scenes than put up with the slow, ugly, close quarters fighting that plagued most of the Nolan Trilogy.

2) People hated Michael Keatons casting

A lot of people forget this, but when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman he received a similar reaction to Affleck, only without the benefit of online circulation. Obviously everyone has a different opinion, but for my money Keaton has the best presence in the suit of all the actors to don the cowl.
Personally I thought Christian Bale didn't really wow me while in the suit, he seemed more like he was playing The Punisher than Batman (plus theres the issue of the voice, which Keaton nailed)

3) Batman isn't a difficult role to play

Lets be real, of Batmans entire immediate cast, he is the least complex character, he's a man-child with a genius level intellect and unlimited cash. As for Bruce Wayne, he's pretty much Ben Afflecks public persona. Another advantage to having Ben Affleck play the role is that he will likely bring some of his natural charm to the role. A key component of Batman is his dry sense of humour, something that was sorely lacking in the Nolan films.

4) His presence could elevate Man of Steel's issues

Ben Affleck is a great writer and director, and while I personally really enjoyed Man Of Steel I can't deny it had some scripting/pacing issues, bringing Affleck on board will hopefully give Snyder a much needed guiding hand in the process of bringing this character to life.

5) The Costume

That is all.

iTunes shuffle theatre.

1. Herbie Hancock: Actual Proof

2. Eminem: Soldier

3. Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit

4.  Tom Waits - Heart Attack and Vine

5. Thin Lizzy - Fighting my way back